Harpreet Sareen is an Indian inventor, artist and an engineer who builds interactive experiences blurring the boundaries between digital and physical worlds. He believes in using technology to solve real-world problems and believes that the solutions to all problems lie in working backwards to making new discoveries. Presently, he is at the Keio-NUS CUTE Research Center (NUS, Singapore) where he researches and develops natural user interfaces, interactive environments, novel gaming experiences and contextual interfaces.

Harpreet has earlier worked at Ars Electronica Futurelab, Microsoft Research as well as at the Emerging Media division of Moonraft Labs and has presented his creations at a number of exhibitions and conferences internationally. His work has been recognized with prestigious awards such as MIT TR35, National Social Innovation Honour and Imagine Cup. When not building interactions and interfaces, he spends his time doing calligraphy, stargazing, short food tasting excursions and playing Asian Tremolo harp.


  • Feb 12.  All set for the exhibition demos at WPP Stream, Jaipur (India). Superb city!
  • Feb 9.   Landed first time in Rajasthan. On the way to prepare venue for our lab projects.
  • Dec 1.   Flying back to Bangalore after meeting ThinkNest team today. Amazing folks!